Thursday, May 7, 2009


The days are passing all too quickly... and my little people are growing up.   There are so many things they say and do on a regular basis-- I simply do not want to forget!  So, I decided to jot some of them down to help me remember:

Big Man has absolutely no concept of time.  He's always asking, "When is tomorrow?" or "Is it tomorrow yet?" And just the other day he asked me if, after completing Mrs. Rouse's (4 year old preschool) class, he'd be going on to college :)

When Lolipop calls from her crib, ready to start her day (or even ready to rise from her afternoon nap), Bub and Noh-man race to her room because they both want to see her first... every single time.

Whenever Lolli sees someone she recognizes-- someone special to her-- her little face lights up like the northern stars. And each night, when her daddy and her brothers walk through the front door, home from swim practice, she claps her hands with joy!

Noh-man, so completely unaffected by the cares and fashions of this world, quite often heads outside to play in an outfit such as this: a red t-shirt, royal blue & yellow athletic shorts, tan "church" socks, and white Nikes... a real fashion hound, no doubt!

My big, big Bub-- my firstborn son-- still willingly (and gladly!) shares a hug with me-- a big, Bub-sized squeeze-- and he even asks to share prayers together before bed :)

Spontaneously (and throughout the day), Big Man sneaks up to my side and softly whispers, "I love you, mama."

At night, when we read aloud a book in bed, all three boys still choose to snuggle with their mommy (unless, of course, Big Man is still heavily entrenched in lego warfare on the floor... sometimes, that must take priority.  Grin. :)

By the time Noh-man comes downstairs in the morning, he usually finds me at my computer. And on most occasions, he slowly strolls over to where I'm sitting and then wraps his arms around me in the sweetest embrace...

Angels We Have Heard on High ("Angels") is Big Man's favorite song, and we sing it every night before bed.

Lolli "talks" all the time, as she almost always has something to say!  She babbles and giggles and goggles and gaggles, and she scrunches up her nose in the most delicious way whenever she laughs.

Big Man calls ravioli, "rabioli," and "disgusting," "e-scusting."  Sure I should help him pronounce them correctly, but it's just too sweet, and I know in time he'll figure it out.

Even though we disagree with the President of the United States on oh-so-many levels, my two oldest sons-- ages 8 & 10-- pray faithfully for him every. single. night.  For his family's safety, for wise choices, and for a changed heart.

Big Man can never remember the last line of the poem, "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe."  His version: "One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, shut the door. Five, six, pick up sticks. Seven, eight, lay them straight. Nine, ten, a big fat bird."  And it makes me smile every time :)

Noh-man takes his swimming very seriously.  And he likes to be early for practice.  Very early, in fact; it's his way of being prepared :)  At times this frustrates me as I'm still trying to wrap up a thing or two before we head out the door. But then I catch myself as I'm reminded of his dedication and his commitment to excellence... and I realize... I wouldn't change a thing.

Bub, on the other hand, while completely committed to his sport, would rather squeak out an extra five minutes with his video game rather than leave the house early :)

Lollipop loves tomatoes... diced roma tomatoes, to be more precise. Her brothers won't touch them and her daddy doesn't do much better, but offer her half a tomato at snack time and she'll slam it down!  It's absolutely the craziest thing~

When I ask Big Man to run to Lolli's room to fetch her tights, he asks, "You mean her big socks??"

My three boys shower their little sister with love and affection all. the. time.  They never complain when I ask them to watch out for her and they never grumble when she needs their help.  Instead, they bask in the privilege of being the one in charge and they jump at the chance to be her chosen companion.  Having the opportunity to witness their selfless behavior on a very regular basis... having the opportunity to spend each and every day with them... is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the greatest joys of my life (thank you, Chris, for allowing it to happen!).  My children truly are a gift from the LORD, and I'm blessed beyond measure to share my days with them~ 

So there you have it--- a few of my favorite things!  I know there are oodles more, and perhaps one day soon I'll post Motherhood: Volume 2, but for now, I'll just cherish my kiddos and our time together~

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