Friday, May 22, 2009

A little Memorial Day randomness

Wow.  It's quiet here.  Really quiet.  Lollipop & and I are home alone (with the gray ghost, of course) while the guys are hanging their hats in Ohio for a few days.  Bub and Noh-man are competing in a long course swim meet there, so this morning Chris, Pops, and the three musketeers pulled out of the driveway and hit the road.  All were excited about a whole weekend in Menstown (I can only imagine the stories I'll hear when they return!), and all were looking forward to the big races to come.  Over the course of the weekend Bub & Noh-man will race in 8 individual events apiece... and hopefully they'll both set a few new personal records; that's their goal at least.  I just hope they have fun.  And I think they will.  When they left this morning, they. were. pumped.

Tonight, however, in the quiet of our home, I'll be painting (wahoo!)-- there's a bit of trim work in the dining room that needs to be touched-up, and then tomorrow, after our home appraisal is complete (we're refinancing), Lolli, Mosby, and I will head to the mountains to spend the rest of the weekend with Grandmom.  And there we'll sit on pins and needles as we anxiously await phone calls from the midwest.  I wish we were there to see the boys swim, but traveling with our littlest-- in/out of hotel rooms and restaurants and car seats and the natatorium-- is tough. So behind we stayed... this time... but next go round, we'll be ready!


So let's see, since I have the evening to myself, and nothing expecting my immediate attention (other than a paint brush... which can wait!), I think I'll ramble on a bit here.  Besides, Chris isn't here to ramble with me, so I'll just put it all down on paper... err, ahh... a keyboard.

The kitchen (this is an exciting start, for sure!) is almost complete.  Last week the pros came in and repaired our walls.  Then Chris and I painted and replaced the cabinetry hardware.  And then I rejoiced... because my kitchen is coming together!  The big ugly light fixture above the sink is gone and in its place there's a simple recessed light (it's the little things, you know?!), and next week the new windows should arrive-- I'm looking forward to their installation!  And then... we should be done.  Well, except for the ceiling.  It needs a fresh coat of paint and 2 new lights, but they'll fall into place later this summer.  I hope.


Car seats... ugh.  We need a new one for Lolli as she's outgrown her infant carrier.  I meant to buy one last weekend but it just never happened.  Thankfully I talked to my always-current-on-the-latest-research sister-in-law before buying one, because guess what?  The rules of the game are changing.  Oh yeah... thanks to her, I'm now in the know... the know being this-- with regards to infants and car seat safety, it's now being recommended that parents keep their babes rear-facing for much longer than the law currently requires-- way beyond that magical one-year, 20-pound milestone; it's just safer that way.  And when I chatted with my pediatrician last week at Lolli's 15-month well-check, she supported this recommendation (and even thinks it'll become law in the next year or two).  Since little Lolli is small... very small... the good doc suggests that for her safety we'd best keep her as she is-- facing the back.  So... my petite poi will not be turning around any time soon.  And drat, I was looking forward to it! 

Um, last on my list (because I'm tired!)... the grand finale of sorts-- Big Man's preschool graduation.  On Tuesday night he marched down that aisle and he sang his songs and he delivered his stingray lines with gusto... and we were proud as punch!  He truly is our big Big Man!

Happy Memorial Day!

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