Monday, February 16, 2009

Road trip!

Weeks ago, Pops and the boys started planning an overnight get-away... a quick trip to New Jersey to visit my grandmother, affectionately known as "Ginger Lady" by the boys.  I believe Bub coined that nickname when he was just a young'un.  After spending some time together, he couldn't remember her name, but he could remember her dog's name-- Ginger.  So he casually asked a  question regarding "Ginger Lady," and since that time, the name has stuck. Fortunately, she approves!  Anyhoo, Pops had made arrangements previously with "Ginger Lady"-- she knew he would be arriving on Saturday, but she had no idea the boys would be in tow :)

So Saturday finally rolled around-- the big departure day-- and the guys were ready to hit the road.  Pops came equipped with "driving hats" for each to wear, and before they even pulled out of the driveway, the stereo could be heard for blocks... "If You're Gonna Play in Texas," their mutual  favorite.  The men had miles to conquer, and Alabama provided the perfect inspiration.

The first snapshot below is one I took before the fellows left on their adventure; I cannot claim the rest.  Bub gladly volunteered to be the "men's town" photographer, so after he showed me his treasure trove of photos this morning, he decided which ones I should include in this post :)

So here you go... a few highlights from Men's Town: On the road~
When the guys arrived at Ginger Lady's house, the boys hid around the corner of the garage while Pops went in to greet her.  Bub took this shot as they jumped out in surprise!
The boys loved their tour of the basement, and they got a real kick out of the trains that still remain.  Believe it or not, Pops actually rode on these same trains back in the day...

 Later in the day, they took a quick trip to the Amish Market for ribs.  Here's a shot of some fresh baked goods~
And Big Man, enjoying a ride in the shopping cart (Bub especially liked the "angle" of this one).

Up in Pops's old bedroom, the boys played tons of shuffleboard.  Big Man took this picture so Bub thought it should be included...

And then he took another one himself.  "It's a better picture," Bub declared :)

A little Scrabble kept them busy...

And a late night movie, Star Wars.  

Before heading home on Sunday evening, the men caught up with Uncle Jim, Aunt Ruth Anne, and J.T. for pizza.  They were very glad to see them again, though they had trouble staying awake for long :)  Busy bodies== tired bodies!

Back in our driveway they landed just after 10 pm... exhausted but pumped!  They all had a fantastic time-- laughing and singing and joking and playing and staying up way too late together!  Of course, now the plans for trip #2 begin... I wonder if Pops knows what he's gotten himself in to :)

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gretchen said...

I declare - if they are gonna have a men's town road trip - don't you think it's about time that we scheduled our next one? ;) Have a great day. Wasn't awfully quiet at your house?