Sunday, February 22, 2009

The North District Championships

This weekend Noh-man competed in the North District Championships and swam like a fish--  a really fast fish, that is!  Competing in his first meet since turning 8 three weeks ago, he landed, once again, atop the 8 & Under leader board and made us all very, very proud... not just because he placed so highly, but also because he fought hard (against older and bigger boys!) and displayed the heart of a true champion.  Here are his results:

100-yard Individual Medley-- 2nd place with a personal best time
25-yard Breaststroke-- 2nd place
50-yard Backstroke-- 3rd place
50-yard Freestyle-- 2nd place with a personal best time
50-yard Breaststroke-- 4th place with a personal best time (only 0.04 seconds separated 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place!)
100-yard Freestyle-- 2nd place
100-yard Freestyle relay-- 1st place
100-yard Medley relay-- 1st place

I tell ya what... he's some kid! 
 And I'm one awfully proud mama :)

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Jennifer said...

Very impressive! That's some seriously good swimming in this competitive area.