Friday, February 6, 2009

The birthday girl and her cake

When your daughter's first birthday falls on Super Bowl Sunday, what are you to do?  Have a party before the game?  After the game? Instead of the game (as if the men in her life would ever agree to that!)?  No, the football game was clearly secure on the evening's docket; the men had planned the menu weeks ago, for pete's sake. And I certainly didn't expect them to miss the game; I just wanted to squeeze a few moments in there for Lolli, for her celebration, for her minute in the spotlight.  

Fortunately, everything worked out beautifully.  We all ate and ate, and then we ate some more.  We watched a little football, and then at some point in the early evening, the men gladly turned their attention to the littlest one.  And Lolli ate her cake... the prettiest football cake this side of the Atlantic.  And I think she even liked it :)

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