Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yuexiu Park

There are several large parks here in downtown Guangzhou. The largest, Yuexiu Park, covers over 200 acres and is conveniently located right across the street from our hotel. We meandered through the park several days ago (right after we arrived in Guangzhou) but had not been back since that time.  Since we didn't have to meet our guide until 3:00 this afternoon, we figured this morning might be the perfect time to enjoy the park with our little one.

 Shortly after arriving, these young gals stopped my eldest...

 and asked if they could take his picture.  

 And then Little One commenced to practice her funny faces.  
She and the boys have been practicing!

 And then we took out the bubble gun.  Big, BIG hit.

And the grand finale... a boat ride.  

Only 4 could fit on the boat, so I stayed on the shore to snap pictures.

The boys were hoping for a bit more power behind the wheel...  

Little One was fully content in the backseat with Daddy 
and eager to wave each time she saw me on the shore.

 While I wandered through the grounds (and my crew sputtered through the lake),
I snapped a photo of this little man with his mom.  
Seconds later, he wanted me to take another one...
this one with his paper crane :)

And this fun crew was more than happy to pose for the crazy American with her camera!

 A fun, fun morning!  Hot. And steamy. But fun.
And... bonus: I think we're beginning to reach a milestone with Little One.
Up 'til now, she's offered smiles IF she's been fully engaged in something fun--
pool play, a stomping game (she loves to stomp!), tub time.
But now she's freely offering them when she sees us...
when we walk in to the room after being away for a few minutes,
when we return to the table at breakfast,
when we stand on a bridge and wait for her boat to pass by :)
And those unsolicited smiles...


Anonymous said...

I think Little One just gets cuter everyday. Her smiles and funny faces are priceless. Surprised it took a week for someone to ask for a picture of the blond big brother. What fun! Not much longer before you head home. Gramoggie

gretchen said...

Love the adventures! Love how little she is next to her big brothers! What blessings! Make sure to get some Bruster's while you are there. They have those, right? :)