Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A long walk

For the rest of our stay here in Guangzhou, we'll have a fair bit of free time to spend as we wish.  On some days-- a small chunk in the morning hours; on others, an entire afternoon. Today our appointment at the police station (because that's where you apply for a passport) was scheduled for 3:00, so we had the whole morning to spend at our leisure.  After another successful Skype session with our crew back home (what a wonderfully awesome treat!!) and a delicious breakfast here at the hotel, the boys worked in a short (pool) practice session and a couple hours with their school books (unfortunately, their online classes are proceeding back home without them; we're hoping not to get too far behind while away). So while they read, Chris and I took our little one for a walk.  A lonnnnng walk.  Because we needed our little spitfire to take an early afternoon nap, and wearing her out on foot was the best possible guarantee!  I took my camera along, because I hope to assemble a book once we get home-- a book filled with faces and places and everything in between so our girl will have a sense of her birthplace.  I also made sure to include several pics of the bicycles piled high with goods... just for you, Big Man!

 And Grandmom... you were asking about a gift??
I think this girl needs a pair of sunglasses :)

Up tomorrow: our little one's medical appointment with a US doctor.
  And our eldest son's quest for a set of "cheap Beats."


Anonymous said...

Yes! Sunglasses look to be a must. What the heck are "cheap beats"? Looks like Abigail is adjusting well. Pray that this continues. Love all, Gramoggie

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, Heath! Chris, you are one happy daddy--congratulations!!! Also, we were both so touched by the pics of A's big brothers with her in their second habitat--the pool. SO very proud of those Klipp boys!!! Love from Rob & Les

Anonymous said...

I definitly thinks she needs her own special pair of glasses! In fact the ones the kids had on during our skyping session were ones L found and said she was giving them to A. I'm sure once N&L see these pictures the new glasses willl be added to our shopping list! I'm not sure what B is looking for, not familiar with that lingo. I've been reading the adoption book next to C's chair----besides all the great pictures you have taken they also suggested a bag of earth, a rock or maybe a pressed flower. One chapter also suggested watermelon is loved by many from her country. love

Anonymous said...

L&N just came up to see the blog.N was definitely impressed with the bikes! Now I know whar beats are. N looked them up on Amazon for us. Gool luck on your treasure hunt B&N! Love to all !