Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's fall...

and the flowers are still blooming.

The bugs are still hopping,

the bees are still buzzing,

and the tomatoes are still growing.

Hopefully, I'll eek a few more off the vine before the weather snaps and all is done.

The windows are wide open and the cooler breezes are filtering through...
an absolute delight!

I love, love, love this time of year. Sometimes I wish fall would stay for 12 months on end.
But then I'd miss the snows of winter. And the new life of spring time.
And the heat of the sun in summer.
Yes, change is good.

Still, fall is my favorite.
And I'm so very glad it's here!


The dB family said...

I agree, it beautiful -- and so are your photos! What is that last flower? It reminds me of something from the lily family.


Kellie said...

Oh, yes, I totally agree. I love all the seasons (although sometimes I have to force myself to love summer), but fall is so wonderful. Your pictures are lovely and so is your new header.

Christine said...

Fall is my favorite too. We've had rain almost everyday for the last 2 weeks however! I'm thankful for the way it slows us down, though, and creates time to play board games and watch movies together. :) Tomorrow the weatherman promises that the sun will return for 6 solid days. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. ;)

May you enjoy today, friend, no matter the forecast. Rejoicing with you in the changes of the season and God's constant presence in all of it.

And btw -- your photos are breathtaking! Thanks for capturing His creative hand.