Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today, we took down the crib and put it away... probably for the very last time. Lollipop was thrilled to finally have a new big girl bed, but for me, it was an emotional transaction. I slept in that bed many, many years ago, as did my younger brother... and all four of my kiddos have found sweet, sweet rest therein. Putting it away sorta feels like the end of an era.

As for what tomorrow will bring, I certainly don't know. Surely the Lord has prepared new adventures for our horizon. With exciting possibilities and thrilling dreams and special plans filled with wild imaginations.

But still my heart longs for these days to remain. For my littles to stay little. For their squeaky voices to stay squeaky. For their tiny shoes to stay tiny. For their tender hearts to stay here... at home...with me.

Still, I know that's not the Lord's design.
And His designs-- His ways-- are always best.
So in them I find peace. And rest. And hope.

And then I thank Almighty God for the wonderful gift of motherhood.


gretchen said...

Oh friend... you are bringing that too close. I still have mine in the crib... I haven't even thought of that day... I haven't been forced to. Praying for you as God opens new adventures... that you have the strength and where-with-all to keep hanging on... :)

Kellie said...

(((hugs))) Mine are well out of the crib stage, but everyday I still wish I could hit the pause button. We've had the wonderful pleasure lately of babysitting for a family at church, and that gives me my baby fix for awhile, but I miss the days when mine were little. But then I just have to remember of how God is blessing us in this stage of life too. : )

Laura said...

she's a big girl now. definitely bittersweet. so how is she liking her new bed? she'll have to tell us about it in class especially since last week was "B" week for big girl Bed and this week is "C" week for no more Crib. :-)

Christine said...

I remember that day too... seems like so long ago. I guess we'll always miss those days, those squeaky voices, those little feet. Remembering to be thankful for every good gift... even the gift of growing up. sigh.

Big hugs to you, friend. May you always smile at days gone by, live in His strength today, and laugh at the days to come.