Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday morning observations

Last Saturday, Chris took all four kiddos to the mountains to visit with Grandmom and Pops (and to do a little work on a shared rental property-- they were *excellent* helpers!). I stayed home with Fergie, who is still not allowed to play or romp or otherwise actively socialize with his favorite companions, Mosby, Beau, and Sam. On Monday morning then, Chris returned with Lollipop in tow, but our three musketeers chose to spend their spring break with G-mom and Pops. Work, play, work, play-- their to-do lists were filled to overflowing with possibilities. And, while they were terribly excited about the laundry-list of possibilities, this ever-so-tired momma had equally exciting plans of her own (sleep, for instance, sat at the very top of MY spring break to-do list :). I mean, don't get me wrong-- my children rock my world, but every now and again, a different pace is a welcome sort-of thing.

Well, they've been gone now for 5 days, and I've got to tell you-- their absence has left quite the mark on this camp. For instance:

~ a house minus one wild pup (Mosby has been lounging at Camp Grandmom ever since Ferg started his heartworm treatment) and 3 energetic boys makes for one incredibly QUIET homestead. Serene, even. Calm. Still. Slow.

~ the laundry basket... the bane of my existence... is empty. Has been empty. And will remain empty for two more days. Ah, blessed relief!

~ I've shopped for groceries ONCE and only once, and we've had plenty to eat. We've run out of nothing, and we've even had left-overs. Crazy, I know :)

~ the normal night time routine has been transformed now that there's only one kiddo to tuck under the covers before calling it a day myself. Case in point: on Monday, Chris and I managed to get Lolli down by 7:15, watch a movie-- in its entirety--AND climb in to bed ourselves by 9:45. Clearly, the norm in old town VA departed some time long ago!

~ I have not picked up a single wet swimsuit from the kitchen or laundry room floor this entire week. Nor have I washed a single beach towel. In addition, all goggles are present and accounted for... another striking oddity around this joint.

~ there have been absolutely NO contests/arguments/debates/"discussions" regarding TV time for days. Lollipop has had the set to herself, she's chosen her show (she's loving the Leap Frog series on Netflix right now), and she's enjoyed her 30 mins or so in relative peace. Yes, peace.

Still... this current arrangement, I'm concluding, is not my preferred cuppa tea. Yes, a day or two on my own is quite the delight, but my chillins are... my chillins!! They're my sanity (in an otherwise insane world), they're my motivation, they're my inspiration to press on, to run the race, to obey... to seek Christ in all things so that others-- notably THEM!-- might see Him in me. And without them here, I'm just not the same.

Today, as Lollipop and I strolled the block alone, she randomly announced, "I miss my brothers, Momma! I miss my brothers..."

"So do I, honey, so do I..."

And that's all I could muster. Because even though the work load has been less, and even though the house has been blissfully calm, I miss those wild & crazy young men. The Lord truly does fill the heart and bless the soul and redeem the lost through relationship. And even though possible, relationship via the distance is not quite the same as relationship HERE. Now. Across the table. In the yard. Up the stairs. By my side. In my arms.

Oh, how I truly, truly appreciate the extreme generosity and thoughtfulness and love my parents pour out on those young'uns of mine, but I've got to tell you... I can't wait 'til they come home!


Anonymous said...

The expression "absence makes the heart grow fonder" appears to be alive and well in your neck of the woods. Enjoy the time with Lollie; it's not often she has your undivided attention. Hope Fergie is doing better and better.

gretchen said...

I fully understand where you are, sweet friend... the quiet is almost eerie when they are gone... like something is just not right. :) Love you - enjoy your quiet - cuz the rough and tumble will be back in NO time!


The dB family said...

Heather, I know EXACTLY what you mean! You put it into words beautifully.


Christine said...

Proof once again that He knows exactly what we need and is happy to give it to us! And in that gift He continues to reveal His heart and His calling for our lives... an invitation to enter into HIS story -- the best story of all, with all it's crazy loud days and endless things to care for and attend to. I'm rejoicing with you, friend, that you've had time this week to rest and prepare for the next season. May you find yourself prepared to enter into this Good Friday and this blessed weekend ahead. Lots of love to you!

Linda said...

I'm so glad you've had a little reprieve Heather, but I know just what you mean. The quiet can get a bit old when those precious loved ones are far away.
Wishing you the very best of Easters - filled with joy, peace and children!

Kellie said...

I'm sure this Easter weekend will be extra special being reunited with your boys. And I had to laugh about towels and goggles. I just blew up at the kids the other night for that very reason. Thank you for putting things into perspective for me. : )