Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop: Student Photo Week

During the month of August, Heart of the Matter has been hosting a Not Back to School blog hop, and boy oh boy, there's been lots of good stuff to read! Unfortunately, I came in a bit late on the whole thing and missed posting our curriculum plans for week 1, and then, since I don't have a designated school space in our home, I decided not to participate in the hop for week 2. Now, however, that it's the middle of the month, and now that week 3 is upon us, I get to finally chime in because I DO have students... and they're the best part of it all!

As I searched for a few recent pics of my crew to share in this post, I automatically looked for a few nice, traditional poses... but after pausing for a moment (and after uploading a few recent shots from the backyard), I opted for a few slightly less traditional ones. So with that in mind, here's my crew... my favorite little people in all the world... AND my curriculum plans for next year (I had to get them posted some way or other!)

Bub (11): my rising 6th grader
my swimmer extraordinaire... my compassionate & thoughtful, honest & loyal,
happy-go-lucky, always-loves-the-limelight boy

Math:: Singapore Primary & Intensive Practice 6 A & B; Challenging Word Problems 5
Life of Fred Decimals & Percents (my son BEGS to do more LoF~
I cannot recommend it enough!)

Writing:: Institute for Excellence in Writing. We took a break from IEW this past year; I'm very glad to be returning this fall.

Latin:: finish First Form Latin; start Second Form thereafter

Grammar:: Rod & Staff 6
Daily Paragraph Editing 6 (an excellent 3-minute-ish drill each day...
very, very worthwhile)

History/Geography/Literature/Church History:: Tapestry of Grace Year 4
(Love, love, love Tapestry-- definitely the highlight of our last school year!)

Science:: Rainbow Science (biology) through co-op

Bible/Devotions:: still deciding on Bible.
Logic:: Mindbenders, Perplexors, and 5-Minute Mysteries

Art & Public Speaking:: through co-op

Noh-man (9) on the left: my rising 4th grader
my second swimmer extraordinaire... my tender-hearted, adventure-seeking,
determinedly hardworking, book-loving boy

Math:: Singapore Primary & Intensive Practice 4 A & B; Challenging Word Problems 3

Writing:: Institute for Excellence in Writing

Latin:: finish Lively Latin 1; start Lively Latin 2

Grammar:: Rod & Staff 4 and Daily Paragraph Editing 4

History/Geography/Literature/Church History:: Tapestry of Grace Year 4

Science:: Christian Kids Explore Biology through co-op

Bible/Devotions:: with Bub

Fine Arts:: (to coordinate with the Tapestry curriculum) through co-op

Big Man (5): my rising kindergartner
yet my third swimmer extraordinaire... my belly-flopping, cannonball-diving,
fearless-flopping, gymnast of a guy~ funny and wild and bright

Reading: finish First Reader by Phyllis Schlafly
Nora Gaydos Readers, Pathway readers
Explode the Code 2/3/4

Writing:: A Reason for Handwriting A
copywork, Scripture & poetry in particular

Arithmetic:: finish Horizons K; start Horizons 1

Bible/Devotions:: with his brothers plus AWANA

Literature and activities:: Five in a Row at co-op and at home

Lollipop (2): my ever-present companion... with her bathing suit on backwards.
But she didn't mind-- she put it on all by herself :)

She's my little tiny guppy, my favorite candy on the shelf
(as my sister-in-love likes to call her)...
my pretty-in-pink-and-loving-every-second-of-it gal

The plans for her year~ play, play, play

Not Back to School Blog Hop

And that wraps it up here.

Be sure to hop on over to Heart of the Matter for inspiration and encouragement,
and of course... for a peek at all the other students who will surely
be heading back to school in the next few weeks...
ready or not :)

Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire.

~William Butler Yeats


Jessica @ Mother of Action said...

Great family!! Thank you for participating in the Blog Hop! Happy Homeschooling.

Carrie said...

I so love this post, Heather!!!

How creative are YOU?!?! ;)

Can't wait for LOF! I've heard so many great things! Thanks for ALL of your recommendations ... I respect your opinion so much!!

Your children are adorable ... I SO enjoyed following along last year and look forward to what this year will bring for you and yours!!

Have a great week!

gretchen said...

Ready or not, here we go! Great pictures... Love Lolli's style... sometimes you just have to put on your suit backwards... especially when you're that age... I wouldn't THINK of doing it now. :) Love it! Love you!

Carrie said...

water pics are always so neat to look at! Cute fam!

Kellie said...

Fun pictures! It sounds like you have a neat co-op too!

Linda said...

Great post Heather! I think it very appropriate that all the pictures you chose are water related!!

joelle said...

I came over from Hip Hop Homeschool. I absolutely love your pics. I use some similar curriculum. It is nice to meet you. I am going to follow you.

Karen said...

I ADORE your pictures! Such an awesome family. Your little girl and her bathing suit almost makes me cry. I miss my 10 year old daughter being that small. CHERISH her. :)
We love LOF too.
Isn't homeschooling just the best!!!???
I will be back.

Christine said...

Oh MY! What FUN pictures!! But especially wonderful back-to-school pictures!! Your school list looks great too. I'll have to check out Life of Fred. We're always looking for a fun approach to math, since it's not a favorite subject. And I LOVED the days of Five in a Row!
Continue to grow and laugh and love with your beautiful kids, Heather! We are SO blessed to mother and be their primary teacher, aren't we?!
May God give you everything you need this day to follow and thrive under the light of the Son!