Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The end of July, the state championship, fast-food overload, and... EXHAUSTION

So it's August now. I'm not real sure where July went, but I'm told it really was here, all 31 days of it in fact. Somehow or other I just completely missed it. Or at least I feel like I did. Because the calendar flipped to month number 7, and then it flipped once again to month number 8, seemingly overnight. And you know what that means? For all intents & purposes, summer is over. School is just around the corner. And I'm not ready in any way, shape, or form. Ugh~

Anyhoo, putting my grumbling aside (grin), I'll share a few little tidbits regarding our adventures of this weekend past. In the western part of the state we wrapped up (almost) the summer swim season with the state championships at VA Tech. We had a grand time (though the pups did not... prison [aka: the kennel] is NOT their avorite place) as both Bub and Noh-man competed for 4 days straight. And now, as a result, both have many, many, many more things to add to their gratitude journals. A few of the highlights:

Noh-man (as ranked amongst his fellow 9 year-olds):

In the 400 meter freestyle-- 1st in the state.
In the 100 meter butterfly-- 1st in the state.
And in the 200 meter individual medley-- 3rd in the state.

Bub (as ranked amongst his fellow 11-year olds):

In the 400 meter freestyle-- 1st in the state.
In the 200 meter butterfly-- 4th in the state.
And in the 100 meter freestyle-- 4th in the state.

Popping at the seams proud doesn't come close to describing my mental state at this moment in time (well, other than exhausted :). My boys fought and scrappled and did.their.thing. with the best (and fastest) in the state, and though they both had their ups and their downs, they never gave up, they never gave in, and they never sacrificed humility or courage or determination or honor in their pursuit of victory. The Lord continues to work in their hearts and in their lives, and I simply could not ask for more. To Him be the glory... great things He has done!

Now... as for fast-food overload-- I think you get the point. Four days and three nights in a hotel does not for healthy living make. But we survived (and oh, how I still love Chick-fil-a!) and once again have a whole new appreciation for home-cooked meals.

And now... now that we're home... and now that it's August (yes, I'm still trying to get my mind around that fact), we're gonna crash. And crash HARD. Because we're plumb tuckered out. See you when we wake up~ or perhaps next fall... whichever comes first :)

"For great is your love, higher than the heavens;
your faithfulness reaches to the skies."

Psalm 108:4


Christine said...

Congratulations to both your great swimmers! What a blessing to see our children succeed-- in both the game before them and in the race of life. And congratulations to you, their dear mother, who pours truth into their hearts and gives it the love and nourishment it needs to grow as they go. Rest well, dear friend, but don't be gone too long. ;) Enjoy every minute of this new day. And have a blissful rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Noh-man and Bub. Quite a feat for 2 young swimmers and on the low side of their respective age groupw to boot. Can't wait to see you next week. Hang in there. 2 weeks at the beach will be your reward Heather. Love Gramoggie

Amy Campbell said...

congrats to your awesome swimmers! I know the dedication it takes and the challenges they face. Great job to them and you and Chris!

Kellie said...

How exciting! Enjoy your break and home-cooked meals!

Linda said...

You all deserve a good rest! I am so proud of your boys Heather. You are building character into their lives in such a remarkable way. What a great job they did.
I'm with you - I don't know where July went!
Hoping to see you soon!

gretchen said...

Way to go boys!!!! We are so proud of you! And Heath - I completely understand the missing of July... we got to the midwest and totally didn't realize that July was over... and I haven't done a thing for school either... I'm in good company. :) So sit back, relax and have a CFA sweet tea and enjoy the last days of summer... ahhhh! :) miss you - give hugs all around for me.