Monday, January 18, 2010

1000 Gifts: A weekend visit

After a wonderful weekend with our very best friends
(though without a single photo to show for it :),
with a heart overwhelmed by His amazing grace,
with a spirit refreshed
and a soul restored,
I give thanks.

"Now, our God, we give You thanks,
and praise Your glorious name."

1 Chronicles 29:13

God's gift of friendship

the tie that binds

relationships that only strengthen with time

confidences shared, struggles understood, and praises... rejoicings... together

questions answered, her help freely given

and prayers.... shared prayers

precious children and the sound of laughter

healthy bodies and energy galore!

train tracks and Wii games

treasure hunts and woods-walks

airplanes and rockets

new movies and popcorn

restful sleep

thoughtful companions

a church service together, a shared pew, voices raised, family in Christ

promises of another visit soon

and very. best. friends.

"A hug is worth a thousand words.
A friend is worth more."

-- author unknown

holy experience

and my list continues...


Annesta said...

Sometimes we do get in so into the moment that we forget to take pictures and the only pictures are those that are in your heart and can be seen through your words. It's so easy to see that you had a wonderful, restful weekend with dear friends.
A gift indeed!

gretchen said...

Here Here! WE HAD THE BEST TIME AND ARE SO LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER GET TOGETHER... WHAT FUN! We love you guys tons... even if you do have other friends.. hee.. hee. :)

Carrie said...

How wonderful! So glad you guys had a great weekend with such good friends! ;)

Jenny said...

Such a fun list! Thanks for sharing the fun of friendship with us. Blessings...

Linda said...

Heather - you write so beautifully.
What a blessing it is to share time with really good friends. It is wonderful to be able to share freely and know you are understood, supported and loved.
I'm so glad you had this weekend visit. Pictures next time please!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad G and family could come up for a few days. I know you had a great time! Hope you get a chance to add a few pictures on your next blog. Great news about Ferguson's new hair growth, he'll have a brand new coat soon!Love to all, Mom

gretchen said...

Can I come back up tomorrow??? It has been A DAY at our house... last night was a laugh and a half too. I'm sure you'd love to hear the story. We are ALL going down for naps as I type... Ahhh... some peace and quiet. :) love you girl - don't be surprised if you see me on your doorstep tomorrow.. I don't need a bed... I'll just sleep on the dog pillow - since they use the couch. :)