Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rule the pool

This weekend, Bub and Noh-man competed in their second swim meet of the year, the 2008 Fall Aqua-Fest.  They both set forth on Saturday morning with big goals in mind, and both walked away this afternoon victorious.  Noh-man dropped several seconds in most of his races, setting several new "personal bests," and he also beat every other 7 year old competing in each of those events.  He certainly proved that he is a force in the water! As for Bub, he set new personal records in most of his races and also reached two big milestones: he beat a long time rival ("we're enemies in the pool," he said, but good buds out of the water) in 2 of their 3 shared events and only lost the third race to him by .08 seconds.  He also, and even more impressively, scored "A" times in 3 events-- the 50 yd freestyle, the 100 yd freestyle, and the 50 yd backstroke.  These "A" times automatically qualify him for the state-wide Age Group Championships in each of those events next March.  How cool is that?!!

So... a super meet was had by both boys, and we are just tickled to pieces for them!  It truly is a joy to see our children, not only do something they love, but also do it well... and better each time.  We can't wait to see what the next several months bring... move over Michael Phelps!

Actually, no.  It's just a neat little record of the day's events... all the swimmers do it to help keep track of their races.  Even Big Man "drew" his events on his arm (all the way up to his armpit, I might add), just to be like his brothers.

I'm not sure why these 2 photos of my swimmer-dudes loaded like this.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how to turn them...

And here's Big Man, the next swimmer in line.
  He's almost through with his current series of swim lessons, so hopefully by summer he'll be ready for the summer league... we can't wait!

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