Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving vacation

Weeks ago, the boys and I agreed that we would take a break from school for the entire Thanksgiving week.  Our autumn had been extremely busy, and we were all desperate for some time off.  We were also looking forward to another holiday at Grandmom and Pop's house!  So when last Monday morning finally arrived, we set forth to packing at a feverish rate.  Then, into the van we squeezed (the pups were thrilled to be included!), anxious to get out of town and into the country.  A week on the mountaintop was exactly what we needed...

It's amazing... life in the woods is so different from life as we know it in the city.  At Grandmom & Pop's house, it's quiet.  It's peaceful. It's simple.  There are no stop lights for miles.  No traffic.  No horns blaring or people shouting.  Just rest.  And great eats.  And a blazing fire for days on end. Wrestling matches outside.  Leisurely strolls through the woods.  And sleep!

Thank you, Mom & Dad, for a wonderful week.  As always, your generosity and hospitality did much to revive this worn-out soul~

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gretchen said...

Oh - I miss it so.... it's a piece of heaven on earth!