Thursday, November 27, 2008

The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving
by Bub

The golden rays of sun shine brightly on the green, grassy meadow.

The gentle breeze rustles through the beautiful autumn leaves, red, orange, yellow and brown.

Colorful cardinals chirp merrily as daring chipmunks scurry up the table legs to nibble on sweet-smelling corn cobs and crunchy carrots.

The enthusiastic Pilgrims hustle about excitedly as they prepare for a great feast.

Strong, broad-shouldered men strain to split enormous logs needed for a blazing fire.

Anxious women carry heaping platters of slow-roasted venison and turkey to the banquet table

While vegetable stew boils vigorously in a massive, iron kettle.

Popping corn explodes in the sizzling hot pan and tiny honey bees buzz past the jugs of apple cider, hoping to steal a delicious taste.

Delighted children dash through the tall grasses-- laughing, playing, and singing with joy.

Then ninety Indian warriors, dressed in buck-skin breeches, march solemnly over the hillside, burdened with foods they plan to share.

Bold voices join together in a cheerful chorus of thanks to the almighty God.

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gretchen said...

That really good Bub- great writing. Happy thanksgiving.