Monday, November 4, 2013

1000 Gifts: November begins

Now that October has come and gone, I look ahead to November and Thanks-giving... 
and I pause to truly give.thanks.

Lord, may I not forget….

maple leaves turning from red to orange and yellow

hot apple cider

the crunch of leaves under foot

I'm sorry.


a couple days that feel almost like summer!

and the last of the impatiens-- still in bloom

summer's final bounty-- a few tomatoes still ripening on the vine

three-year old laughter

and the sibling antics that make her smile... every single time

library books

little hands, brushing my hair... just like I brush hers

homemade applesauce

helping hands

a finished project

"Ooh, it's cold out here!"  Fall.

and the list continues....


Linda said...

Blessings indeed Heather.
I love your tender heart

gretchen said...

Love the list. OH, and have I mentioned... I miss you. :)Hugs.