Thursday, November 21, 2013

Color, imperfections… and absolute perfection

Our neighbors have a gorgeous maple tree in their front yard.  
Today, vibrant hues of raspberry, melon, and sunshine yellow cover their lawn,
 but a few days ago, before the winds whistled through its branches 
and shuffled all that color to the ground,
those leaves danced through the air and shimmied with delight in the afternoon sky.

Savoring the autumn goodness that IS this time of year, 
we spent lots-o-time out of doors.
For a single moment,
I hoped to capture a "good" picture of my crew in front of that leaf-laden tree.
But instead, I shot this….

And this…

And this.

And in an instant, I realized this WAS perfection.

Genuine smiles.
Goofy faces.
Silly gestures.
MY crew.

The embodiment of life-- real and now.

Maybe not Hallmark-card worthy.
But perfectly perfect nonetheless!

Happy autumn, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Pictures are wonderful--goofy is REAL.

gretchen said...

Oh how I miss you and those sweet smiling faces. Happy fall and blessings this Thanksgiving... I"m thankful for you!