Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Science lessons lay scattered across the kitchen table.
Gilgamesh sat unopened on the bed.
Library books rested neatly on the desk.
And math problems remained unsolved on the chalkboard.

Cause when the sun shines brightly in October,
the outdoor thermometer tops out at 73 degrees (yet again!),
and rain rests squarely in tomorrow's forecast...
what's a gal to do??

Scrap the schoolwork (for the time being, at least :) and head outdoors!

It seemed to be a popular choice :)


Linda said...

Great idea Mom! A day filled with sunshine and wonderful memories.

The dB family said...

Yes, it is! My youngest to played outside all afternoon while I worked like a madwoman in the gardens and soaked up every last drop of heat I could. I'm glad you had a wonderful day!


Linda said...

Hey Heather. I'm missing you. Praying all is well.