Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the farm

In our quest for simpler & healthier living, Mom and I have been all over the place.
We've visited farms, we've read books, we've made phone calls, we've scoured some websites.
And at the end of the day, we've walked away with these firm conclusions:

buy fresh,

buy local,

and whenever possible,

go straight to the source.

Enter Farmer Bill, owner of a small-time outfit not too far from home.
120+ acres, a herd of grass-fed cattle (LOVE that concept), 50 or so free-range chickens,
grass-fed lambs and a handful of milking goats.
And for one afternoon, our host.

It really is neat-- the things you can learn on a farm. I'll spare you all the deatils here.
Let's just suffice it to say that our afternoon was enlightening AND educational...
and without a doubt... inspirational to boot.

The boys collected eggs right out the chicken coop, and thankfully they kept all of their fingers!
(those brooding hens can be awfully moody)

They scrubbed a few clean, and then they hand-picked the ones they wanted to take home
(a rainbow of warm colors... what a treat!).
And THEN they tried their very, very,very best to convince me...
to allow them... to raise a few chickens... back home in suburbia.
Unfortunately, I didn't think local zoning laws allow such an undertaking.

But who knows??
Perhaps... one day... (hopefully)... we'll have our own farm,
with cows and sheep and chickens and all.
And then they'll be free to raise their babies (chicks, I mean... chicks!),
right in their own backyard.

Some day :)


Carrie said...

Great pictures ... looks like a lovely day!

What a great learning experience for your boys!!! ... and come on, Mom, maybe you could hide the chickens in your house!! ;)

Jennifer said...

Oooo... a tad bit jealous that all that is so close to you. : )

What a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. It was alot of fun and very educational for all. Love to all, Gmom

Linda said...

What a great day Heather. We used to live in Dairy Farming Country. I would walk to my friends' farm to get a bottle of their delicious milk (the kind with a thick layer of cream that rises to the top)and just soak in the wonderful atmosphere of the farm.
I know it is a difficult life, but it has such appeal to me. I'll come visit if you ever get a farm.