Monday, March 8, 2010

1000 Gifts: As March rushes in

As March rushes in, I'm fully reminded of God's grace-full hand...
His constant presence...
His forever love.

As my cup runneth over, I give thanks...

snow-less treetops

"Mom, can we read now?"

the generosity of a stranger and the joy it brought to my two littlest people

end-of-winter provisions

a fun game to supplement our studies

a pancake breakfast... made from start to finish by my 9-year old son

a favorite new board game (thanks, Aunt Les!)

family walks around the neighborhood

bumping into (and then worshipping with) some favorite people at church on Sunday morning

59 degrees and sunny on a weekend afternoon

helping hands in the garden

a quiet house

a few spare minutes to wrap up an excellent novel

books... shared

hard lessons learned and opportunities to apply God's truth

second chances

His faithfulness, displayed time and time again

holy experience

and the list continues...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and God's gifts to you. It brings me so much joy to "hear" all of us praising God at the same time on Monday mornings! :)



Jenny said...

I love the picture of daddy reading to the kids and dog.

gretchen said...

Love the pic of Chris and the kids with the Fergmeister... I really miss you friend. Love the list as always... thankful for second chances and all of the blessings God brings along the way.

Talk to you soon.

Carrie said...

0402 DADDY HOME!!!

Love your pictures and your list (as always)! I know you are so looking forward to spring ... it's on its way!!

Hope to get to "chat" real soon! Have a good week!

mom2six said...

59 degrees and it!! The picture with dad, kids, and dog is great also.

Alison said...

Sweet list! I love the cozy dog in the reading pic!

Anonymous said...

the dog is hilarious.. nice pics

Leslie said...

So glad the backgammon board is a hit! And, it was SO cool to run into you all on Sunday--what a neat surprise. Love to all!

Lona said...

Great list! Just visiting...

Misty said...

LOVE that family picture and sweet pooch. <3

Anonymous said...

Love the snapshot of the family! Fergie doesn't look like he's as interested in Big Man's choice of books, the pose is great. Amen on the blessings, they are all around, we just have to open our eyes and look for the "God stops" (as Beth Moore likes to call them). Have a great day, love to all. Time to get out in the yard, Sam just brought me his ball.