Monday, February 8, 2010

1000 Gifts: Winter!

A week full of reminders...
from God's always & forever faithfulness
to the abundance which flows from His hand.

With a cup filled to overflowing,
I offer thanks~

I Love u Mom written on the bottom of my grocery list

a play date to the roller rink & a pizza lunch afterwards... with wonderful friends for my entire crew (thank you, Lea, for the photo!)

girlfriends... to counsel and encourage and uplift and commiserate

girlfriends... who appreciate a steaming mug of chai tea, just as much as I do :)

birthday celebrations & birthday presents, too... and these... her new favorites.
"Beeps," she calls them... because they squeak :)

new life-- fearfully & wonderfully made, and 2 very special friends-- parents a third time around

more snow... and then some more... and still more to come

safety amidst the storm

the prayers of loved-ones


a well-stocked pantry

hats and mittens... ski gear for all

tunnels and piles and mounds of snow... to climb in, to climb on, to jump in to, to jump off of

and brothers who share... even their hide-outs

a little girl who longs to be just. like. them.

a driveway-- shoveled clean, and cars-- no longer buried three. feet. deep.


my eldest son's mealtime prayer, "...thank you for the beauty of the snow..."

my heart convicted... for grumbling about the inconvenience instead of praising Him for the beauty of His hand

two boys who worked diligently to help dig out our neighbors... two boys who learned well the value of a job well done
(not to mention the treat of monetary rewards :)

quiet rest

twinkling starlight

His presence... always

and His gentle reminder... new life-- true life-- is forever found in Him

likewise, persevere: spring. will. come.

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holy experience

and the list continues...


Becky@ Daily On My Way To Heaven said...

What a beautiful list! You are rich with so many snow!

Blessings from around the corner...

Annesta said...

The pictures are so beautiful and your list is a blessing.
Good friends to encourage and and give counsel is a wonderful gift!
And, the shoes...I love the shoes that squeak!
Blessings to you today and you continue to count to 1000!

writingcanvas said...

Enjoyed reading and affirming with you with blessings I have as well. Thank you for sharing!

UKZoe said...

WOW that's some REAL snow! Stay safe!

Stephani said...

What a beautiful family! You are definitely rich!

mom2six said...

Lovely list and photos. Enjoy seeing the snow and experiencing it through your words. We have the ski gear here, but no snow living too far south. Such glorious blessings!

Gayle said...

What delightful children!

Carrie said...

Heather ~ I always look forward to your Monday lists - and this may be one of my favorites yet! ;)

How I wish I could sit and share tea with you ... I'm sure we'd find plenty to talk about! ;)

LOVE Lollipop's shoes ... I won't tell you that I came home with 26 (yes 20+6!!) pair of squeaky shoes from China - all different sizes and colors for Sadie-Girl. They were just $3/pr there! Yes, I had to buy a cheap suitcase just for bringing home all my purchases! Girl, I wish I had known ... I'd have mailed you a pair!

Can't believe you guys got that much snow!! The pictures are all precious! ;)

Love to you and yours this Monday morning ... Hope you have a great week! ;)

60 toes said...

Sarah has a pair of squeaky shoes too, love them. More snow is coming, can you believe it?

JoAnn said...

Adorable. This is so sweet.

Stacey said...

Lovely words and pictures!

Thanks for sharing!


Linda said...

Your heart just warms mine when I read your list Heather. You've had quite a week! I remember how much I loved the snow when I was a little girl. We stayed outside until we couldn't feel our toes any more. It becomes a lot more challenging when you're an adult and life must go on, but you were still able to find the joy and the beauty!
I love the pictures of those precious kids.

deb said...

I've missed these posts of yours.
This was so beautiful, and I miss little dress shoes , too.
Sounds like you had a great weekend , and I hope your week is blessed.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of the fun the kids are having in the snow! I'm sure Lolli is having fun with the "squeaks". Take care, love to all!Gmom

The Homesteading Apartment said...

So lovely! Reminds me of snow play days filled with laughter, love and the simple joy of embracing God's nature (: