Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A new hair-do

No, not for me. For Bub.

Yep. That's a mohawk.

And I know, I'm still in shock myself.

So here's the deal--> just like our maps, Bub wanted to try something new (I guess we're in that sorta stage now :) So at his request, I buzzed away and laughed hysterically as his lovely golden locks fell to the ground (I know, they weren't really locks, but this is my story and I'm gonna exaggerate on this one little detail). We reminded each other that his hair shall grow back. It shall grow back. It shall grow back. Unless, of course... mohawks become the new in-thing... the new I-gotta-have-it-ma look... the new Bub. Ouch.

Lollipops' reaction: As one would assume, she wasn't sure what to think. She just touched his head. And then she grabbed what little hair was left. And then, she too, smiled broadly and joined in the laughter.

Noh-man's reaction: the morning's third round of hysterical laughter (that seemed to be the thematic response yesterday... until, of course, the youngest of the three musketeers awoke).

Big Man's immediate and very honest reaction: "Oh my gosh. I hate your hair."

Just keeping it real... evidently :)


Anonymous said...

What an interesting photo shoot!! I love the pictures of Lolli trying to pull it off. Ben how long do you think you'll keep this new hairdo? Love to all, Gmom
P.S. Probably a goodthing Ben didn't have his new cut this past weekend when he went to Greatgrandmom's! Have fun Ben, you look a lot different. What do you think, should I give Pops one too.?

Leslie said...

I can just see Pops with one now. :) My first reaction was, NO! My second thought was, well they'll just shave his entire head now. But you know, by the last photo, it was kind of growing on me. You are just growing up too fast, Benvereen! Love you, Aunt Leslie

gretchen said...

what, are you gonna let him date now too? lol. I guess growing up is inevitable... even though I've told my boys it was against the law in our house... he's getting way too big. way to pick your battles... josh has already decided that he didn't want one more summer haircut before the fall... oh well...we pick our battles. :) how about one for Chris... and Heath --- how about you... you'd look great in a mohawk... of course dye the tips pink... because as we all know -- pink is ALWAYS GOD'S WILL! :)

SKELLER said...

omgoodness. Lolli and Noh-man are too too sweet together. Is the mohawk normal-looking to you yet, or are you still doing double-takes?!? hehe...

Carrie said...

The first picture is cracking me up! He has too sweet of a face - he can pull it off! :)

gretchen said...

oh yeah -- won't that bit of hair add drag when swimming? it may be best to shave it off... even with a cap on it will slow you down due to the ridge on the top of your head. hee hee.