Monday, September 14, 2009

With a heavy heart....

I'm finally admitting that summer is officially over. The cooler temps have arrived, the leaves have begun to change color, and school is back in full swing (not to mention all the activities that come with a new school year). And for all that, I'm wonderfully grateful. The pace of life that comes with autumn, however... well, I am just not ready for hyper speed yet! Before you know it, we'll be shopping for Christmas gifts and we'll be setting up the tree-- wrapping paper & decorative ribbons are already lining the shelves at Costco, for goodness sake, along with various & sundry other holiday items... ugh.

Ah well.... summer was fun while it lasted, and before you know it, it'll be back. In full force. And then I'll be posting this note all over again, I'm sure :) Until then, here are my last few summer pics... a few of Big Man-- with his beloved water gun-- at the pool.

"Some parents say it is guns that make boys warlike.
But give a boy a rubber duck
and he will seize its neck like the butt of a pistol
and shout
'Bang!' "

-- George F. Will

Can I get an Amen??!


Ruth said...

That is so true. Boys will turn anything into a gun. I kind of love the fact that they are so willing to let it show. Great action shots! I somehow never get a really good action water gun shot!

SKELLER said...


I can still remember when my eldest son chewed his toast into the shape of a gun and told me it was a "shooter". ;-)