Friday, August 7, 2009

When the temperature rises...

... we head to the pool, because in this part of the state, there's just no surviving the great outdoors in August without a plentiful water source. As a result, our community pool has become our second home (when we're in town, that is. When we're away, we find other pools to patronize :)

So today, after grabbing the kiddos from their last day of Vacation Bible School (which the boys loved!!), we went straight to the pool for a pool-side lunch and a few hours in the sun. Leslie and her crew joined us (they loved VBS, too), and together we managed to completely exhaust our little ones (and ourselves, too, for that matter) in a wonderfully healthy way.

Now once in a blue moon, I decide to take my camera along, just in case my little people are in an agreeable mood. You know... that willing-to-smile-for-their-momma in an ever-so-charming sort of way. Well, today I got a little of that. But mostly I ended up with a few funny faces, a couple ridiculous poses, and a super hero or two thrown in the mix!

Here's a peak at my clowns~
(Be patient-- it takes a few seconds to load :)

And such was our afternoon.

Thankfully, all my littles are sawing logs right about now...

and soon, I will be, too :)

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Leslie said...

Thanks, Heath, for one FANTASTIC week! We are still enjoying all we learned from VBS through songs and reviewing the material. And, thanks for lots of fun in the sun at your pool--the slideshow is super! :) Les