Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The leaf bug

Yesterday the kids and I braved the heat and decided to try something new (well, not new, per se... just something we haven't done in quite some time)-- we went to the backyard to play. (I know... we're crazy like that :) Anyhoo-- we don't often spend much time in the yard during the summer months because the heat & humidity are simply unbearable out there, so if we're not at the pool, we're inside.

Well, yesterday,we were feeling especially adventurous (and I needed to get my little people outside-- on the double-- before they killed each other inside :) so, out we went. Immediately, Bub and Big Man decided to climb a tree, Noh-man and I opted to tend to the drooping azaleas in the garden, and Lolli contented herself on the John Deer tricycle, thrilled to sit a few inches higher off the ground (and out of Mosby's raceway) for a moment or two .

Thankful for peace restored, I enjoyed the task of caring for my very parched flower beds when suddenly, excited screams from the far end of the yard filled the air. Bub had discovered a leaf bug-- a lovely, very mature (almost 2 inches long), bright kelly green leaf bug-- and he was tickled pink. I turned in time to see him gaze in wonder as it fluttered to the ground, and then I watched as he followed it to its landing spot, anxious to watch its every move. Big Man, Noh, and I raced over for a peek at this marvel and were equally pleased-- we just don't see those winged beauties every day around here.

For a few brief minutes, we all just sat there, watching that little guy crawl through the grass, until I-- the most extreme animal lover this side of the Mississippi-- suggested that we shush him along, fearful that he might meet an untimely death at the feet of Lollipop or Mosby, our ever rambunctious pup. So we did. We scooted him along, tiny hop by tiny hop, towards the safety of a large boxwood. After several hops, he finally tired of our badgering and took to flight.

And it was a beautiful thing... his delicate green wings spread wide as he flittered over the grass. And there we all stood, transfixed. In awe. Amazed.

Until a hungry brown house finch zoomed up from behind, snatched him in her beak... his green legs dangling... and hurried away for a mid-morning snack.

I kid you not.

Screams of horror penetrated the silence.
Distraught little-boy bodies crumpled to the earth in sadness and utter disgust.
And I just stood there in disbelief...

It was like National Geographic, right there in our very own back yard.

... so much for my good intentions.


Leslie said...

NO!!!! I'm so sorry, Heath. You know we just watched "Enchanted" again last know the scene that comes to the very end of the "Happy Working Song." Only your experience was not one bit humorous.

gretchen said...

that reminds me of the story of the baby harp seal that was being rehabed. it was a media circus for it's release off the CA coast. They spent $100Ks to rehab this harp seal. Upon it's release an orca came up and the harp seal met it's Maker. Sad - however, just reminds us that God created a cycle for everything. He knew.

love you-