Friday, March 27, 2009

The Seasonal Edition

Special treats, random surprises, and seasonal activities... that's the topic for this week's edition of Living Lively with Family.  I had a grand time searching back through my photo archives for ideas, and after peeking at Heidi's post (her photography is fabulous, by the way!), I decided to follow her lead and let the pictures tell the story.  So here goes-- the seasonal edition as it applies to us~ 

Apple picking every autumn...

And sampling a few, just to make sure they pass the test :)

Hikes through the woods as the leaves fall from the trees,

field trips to the battlefields to climb on the cannons,

fun with pumpkins after a trip to the pumpkin patch,

and paintball wars when Uncle Dave comes to town.

Then, as winter sets in, there's skating at the ice rink right up the street

and skiing at a resort not too far away.
(Of course, Lolli & I opt for hot cocoa in the lodge instead of skis on the slopes!)

And then... gradually... the warm weather returns :)
We all love taking a day trip to the zoo, and last year we discovered the Virginia Safari Park, where the animals eat straight from our hands!

Treks to the river...

and rides around one of our favorite beach towns... neither ever disappoint!

When the scorching heat of summer settles in we head to the pool, sometimes for a quiet swim...

and sometimes for a big splash!

And of course, a chocolate ice cream cone at the beach is always a treat!

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven."

Ecclesiastes 3:1


Heidi said...

What fun looking at your photos, Heather!! That one of your daughter with the pumpkin is awesome. :) I think growing up in your family would be a blast. Looks like you all have a terrific time together. My boys need to go skiing with their dad in the next year or two. (I'll stay in the lodge with a book and hot chocolate. :)) Thanks for sharing!

jodi said...

great pictures/events. i'm so glad to be back in the northeast after so many years (and hours!) away. i'm adding the safari park of weekend trips to take the kids.

doesn't going back like this make you feel so glad to be a mom? it did for me.

SmallWorld at Home said...

Fantastic post! Wonderful pictures and sweet times. I especially love the baby with the pumpkin!

SKELLER said...

Awwwww! I love how you put these in a "through out the year" order. Fun family times!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of great memories for all. Glad we could be a part of them. what a blessing! Looking forward to springier(?) weather(although the rain is appreciated) and what adventures unfold. Love to all!