Saturday, March 7, 2009

A note of thanks

This week was a tough one for us.  After losing Annie on Tuesday (while Chris was out of town, no less), the boys and I tried our best to function as usual, but as many of you know... that's no small task. You can't just pick up and carry on as if nothing ever happened; it just doesn't work that way. The loss of a loved one changes things. There's an emptiness.  A void.  A missing element.  And reminders everywhere.  

Thankfully, Mom came to my rescue on Tuesday when I knew Annie's time was short.  She's been through this before and she understands. Thank you, Mom-- I simply would not have survived without you. Thank you for crying with me (I can always count on you!) and thank you for never minimizing my grief.  You are a God-send.  Truly.

And thank you to you-- my friends and family-- who expressed words of kindness and compassion and encouragement over these past several days.  I appreciate it (and you) so very much!  So many of you called or sent emails or left comments here on my blog; some of you passed along your condolences to Chris at work. Please know that your words truly did provide grace in our time of need, and for that, I thank you... from the bottom of my heart.  You took a moment to share your support, and your thoughtfulness means more than I can say~

And to those of you who loved our girl along the way, a million thanks.  She was our very first baby & a true blessing, and she will be forever missed... 


todd said...

I'm so sorry to hear the loss of Annie. I hope the pain eases quickly for you and your family. Love Todd & Linda

Heather said...

Todd!! Linda!! Oh my goodness... we miss you guys! (and your furry ones, too :) We speak of you all often and the blessings of great neighbors! We have yet to find any that come anywhere close to you (and I know we never will)~

Thank you so much for your sweet note-- we miss Annie tons, that's for sure! Please hug Roxie & Max for us, and maybe even sneak them an extra treat or two!

Love, heather