Monday, October 14, 2013

1000 Gifts: Home

We've been back in the states for almost four full weeks...
and life is good!

God has been wonderfully gracious to us-- our little "Tornado" (as the boys have affectionately nicknamed their youngest sister) is doing remarkably well--
she eats everything
she sleeps soundly
she's playful and well-adjusted, friendly and kind
she certainly brings a new energy to the household as she does.not.stop.until.she.drops.

The language barrier has not been nearly as troublesome as I originally thought it might-- yes, she still jibbers and jabbers in her native tongue, but her comprehension is astounding... her new vocabulary list growing by leaps and bounds.

In the past four weeks, I think I've stayed up beyond 9pm two or three times at the most-- we ALL crash in to bed every single night... weary and bone-tired but oh so grateful for all.

Our littlest adores her siblings, and they adore her...
How could I ask for more??

So... giving thanks for the endless graces, the daily mercies, and the newfound blessings, I add to my never-ending list~

And our family of seven... together
A three-year old sister
God's amazing grace
His mercies new every morning
And His faithfulness to all generations
Laughter and understanding
New words and child-teachers
Shared snacks and trampoline lessons
The support and care of loved ones
Meals delivered, refrigerators stocked
Cards and calls-- love expressed in countless ways
God's provision, His most generous supply.
Our cup overflowing...

Thank you, Lord.


The dB family said...

So happy to read this and so happy for you. The last photo is my favorite. May you continue to love and grow and find much joy together as a family of seven!


Anonymous said...

What fun pictures--love the final grouping. Loves & kisses to all. Gramoggie

Linda said...

I was so happy to see this Heather. Joy is jumping right off the screen. Thanking the Father with you.