Sunday, August 21, 2011

The last 10 days

Ten days ago, we left northern Virigina and headed north on a whirlwind tour of the Mid-Atlantic region. Our first stop-- Penn State University & the Eastern Zone Championship. Noh-man was competing again, and he was looking forward to a crazy few days with his swimmer-pals as we looked forward to a few tasty treats in State College. The weather was gorgeous, the ice cream (at the Creamery... more on that later) was delicious, and the company (Poppa came in from SD!) was the best. The meet itself... not so much. But I snapped a few shots of the big event... and then we moved on :)

After Zones, we were off to Lancaster, PA for my cousin's Sunday afternoon wedding AND... tuxedoes. The boys have been desperate to dress "in style" at every wedding we've attended in recent years, and this go round, as Junior Groomsmen, their dream finally came true. They looked smashing (I think :), and they loved every single second of if!

And lastly-- our efforts at capturing a family photo... just the six of us.

Let me sum up that experience this way-- as of right now, I think I'm officially adopting my sister-in-love's philosophy. As long as all bodies are present, consider the photo a success. Agreeable, happy faces-- all smiling at the camera at the same time-- are an unrealistic expectation :)

It's always an adventure!

Anyhoo... next stop-- the beach.
But I'll save that for tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

How dapper can 3 young men look, huh? WOW!!!! I'm impressed. Who is the little one with the teddy? He is a cutie, too. Love your dress and my how your dad cleans up. Moggie

Laura said...

Love your pictures! You got some great ones and several "bloopers" too - but those are the most fun to look at years from now. and yes - 3 very handsome boys. They look like they were having a ball. Glad you had a great trip.

Linda said...

Don't you all look wonderful? I am so happy you have this time to get away. Looking forward to seeing more!

Kellie said...

Congrats to Noh-man -- what an honor to get to compete at zones!

I love ALL the family pics! And you look beautiful, my dear. : )

Christine said...

Sometimes the 'failed' group pictures turn out to be the favorites. I love all your family photos! What personality your family has! And it's fun to see you in some pictures. You look beautiful -- love your dress!