Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Observations from the beach

*** The beach (any beach!) truly is one of my favorite destinations on earth. Elegance and poise, however, will never be my companions there. Traipsing across a sun-baked dune... with a folding chair and tote bag in hand... in the 105 degree heat... will never a pretty picture make. Let-me-just-make-it-to-the-hard-packed-sand-without-falling-smack-on-my-face is more often the manner in which I trudge.

*** As much as I LOVE watching my children delight in the sand and the pounding surf, the opportunity to sit in a chair... under an umbrella... with a single book... for hours on end... is truly a heavenly treat.

*** The sound of the ocean's roar is one of the most glorious in all of creation.

*** While on the surface, time alone seems like a wonderful thing... nothing really compares to sharing LIFE with the ones you love.

*** People-watching surely is an enlightening experience... one that generally begs more questions than it answers and one that inevitably establishes for me-- over and over again-- how very blessed I am and how very much I love MY wild & crazy crew.

*** Ice-cold Dr. Pepper... on the blistering sand... is surely a gift from heaven's hand.

*** Renting an umbrella for $10/day is worth every single penny... and then some.

*** With regard to actually getting to the beach-- it really is important to jot down the directions in their entirety. Skipping even just one little step may add significant travel time to your day. Just sayin'.

*** Watching a stingray flop back to the sea after being cut loose from a fisherman's line is truly a breath-taking experience.

*** Porpoises off the coast-- who frolic and play... surely as God intended-- bring a smile to my face... every single time.

*** There's no doubt in my mind-- the splendor of creation demands a Creator, and how blessed we are that He's a creative One!!

"In the beginning,
created the heavens and the earth...
and [He] saw that it was good."

Genesis 1


Linda said...

I never tire of looking at pictures like this and reading about the beauty of sea and sky and sand. The ocean is my very favorite place to be.
Thank you for sharing your special time Heather.

Christine said...

The beach is truly a heavenly place. I'm so glad you had the chance to soak it all in and find rest and peace there. It's been 23 years since I've sat on the beach of an ocean. (That's the trouble with living in the midwest!) Your words and pictures make my heart long for it once again. They are beautiful.
I pray you find your heart still at peace this day and in the week ahead, dear friend.

Much love, big prayers, and a giant hug,

The dB family said...

We love the beach too. It really is a place to rest and relax. There's so much for the kids to see and do and they're all happy. I'm thankful we live less than ten minutes away from several beautiful beaches. I'm thankful you had some time to get rested and restored.