Thursday, July 22, 2010

Drive Thru History: America

Just a quick recommendation for anyone looking to reinforce their American history studies before school starts back up in the fall...

= a wonderful DVD that teaches the history of our nation from a Christian worldview
as it highlights 8 of the men & women who were instrumental in its founding...
George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Quincy Adams, Abigail Adams,
Benjamin Banneker, Dr. Benjamin Rush, Haym Salomon, and Noah Webster.
(There's also a study guide, but it's designed for middle school & up)

"Discover the character, faith, and experiences of America's founders as they developed this great country where we can worship,
work, travel, and live in freedom!"

The boys have enjoyed it tremendously and look forward to watching
it's at the top of my shopping list :)

And just in case you're new to these resources, their other DVDs are lots of fun, too,
and most are available at your local library. Enjoy!


gretchen said...

Are these too old for my guys still? I think I looked into them and they were a bit above my littles... I guess we'll just have to wait. :) Have a great day, friend. Love you lots!

Carrie said...

I can't wait for mine to be old enough ... when do you think? I think Netflix has a few of them ... maybe I'll just check them out and see!