Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Homeschooling benefit #101

My children actually like each other.

I mean, yes... they DO have those days... you know, the ones marked by
I'm-gonna-throw-you-under-the-bus-as-soon-as-I'm-able kind of moments.
But those are not a constant; they are not the everyday.
And when they do inevitably make an unwanted and unexpected appearance,
we have the perfect opportunity for working them through,
for talking them through,
and for restoring peace to our family & home.

And what a privilege it is to witness... every single day...
their All for one, and one for all mentality.
Though nine years separate my oldest from my youngest...
though three are male and one is most definitely NOT...
though battles come and battles go...
they ENJOY one another's company.
They enjoy one another's companionship.
They enjoy one another's camaraderie.
They enjoy one another.

So much so that this little nugget... all pink and girlie...
wants to be just like them.

Water pistols and all.

I think I'll take it :)


Christine said...

Yes! It's one of things I thank God for the most! My girls are BEST friends. I'm convinced that if they were in school--3 years apart--that this would not be the case. This is a benefit of homeschooling indeed!
Thanks for the reminder!

Carrie said...


Once God changed my heart to homeschooling, that became one of my favorite benefits!! I love that my kids will have even more shared memories and time spent together through schooling and more free time together!!

And ... "Joyful" and Lolli have much in common, too!! ;0

Skeller said...

totally completely heartwarming!!!

I think that's one of things I like best about your photography - seeing the camaraderie amongst your kiddos! sweetest thing ever ...

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and the subjects!!!Give them all a big squeeze for me. I'll have my water gun loaded and ready to go for the next visit! Take care, love you all lots, Mom

Linda said...

I see the same thing in my five grandchildren who are home-schooled. It truly is a joy.
You're doing a great job Heather.

60 toes said...

I love that you all homeschool and think it is awesome that God has called you to that. I have to say that my kids are best friends as well and they all go to public school, except the toddler. They are so proud of one another and help one another and love "running" into each other during the day. I have to say more than the homeschooling I think it is the parenting. I too have a large age gap btwn youngest and oldest as well as different sexes.

Emma can't wait to have Andrew at middle school next year and he is thrilled to have his big sister there in case he needs her. I am thrilled that my kids can be salt and light in this dark world.

I have to say I forget this is not a common occurrence (siblings being best friends). Just recently I have had friends comment on my kids birthday parties, we have just had four of them. They have said how awesome it is Andrew is there to help at Laura's "girly" party, he wouldn't have it any other way and vice versa.

I love all of your pictures and can't wait to see you all in June.