Friday, November 20, 2009

A pre-holiday day

As Thanksgiving approaches, we're finding it very, very difficult to focus on our studies. Warm temperatures lure us outdoors. Holiday menus distract our grumbling tummies. Christmas wish-lists preoccupy little boy thoughts. And visions of a lazy, school-free vacation monopolize my mind. Yes, the holidays are just around the corner... and as far as I'm concerned, they simply cannot get here soon enough!

So, all that being said, our school days have been a bit off these past few days. A little bit here, a lot a bit there. Study, break, work, break, read, break, write, break. We're just struggling, plain & simple. Some how or other, though, we're still managing to get it all done-- "school" time just looks a little different-- perhaps a tad more strained or bit more disjointed-- than it normally does.

Case in point... the other morning, I found this at my kitchen table~

... evidently that new latin lesson was quite a bear,
and then the math and composition sent Bub over the edge.
The brain freeze that followed led to moderately irrational thought...
who'd a thunk to use a flour tortilla for a mask, I ask you?
Fortunately, we had plenty of others on hand to use for our lunch quesadillas :)

In addition to Mexican disguises,
linking cube pistols have popped everywhere.
I can't tell you how many times I've been blasted to smithereens this past week alone.

Surprisingly, I have survived.
And my pistol-toting cowboy hasn't put up even the slightest battle
when I've insisted he sit down for a lesson.
Number sequencing... one of his newest favorites
via dot-to-dots on the family room floor.
(I love this book, and thankfully, he does too!!
This one is next... it's the perfect follow-up)

Yes, we're checking things off our list, as we go...
anxious to put our books away for a week of rest and thanks.

So... the last few lessons in Writing with Ease are well under way,
with the help and camaraderie of a snugly pup,

and our model canal (it's really a series of locks) was a smashing success
(love this resource!)~
I still can't believe it actually worked...
the boys were even impressed, and that says a lot!

Grammar's running smoothly,
Latin's cruising right along (though it's getting tough... really tough),
history continues to amaze me,
and the basics are in the bag.
And all we're gonna do next week is read... I just. can't. wait!

So, as our mornings wrapped up this past week,
we found lots of spare minutes to spend in the great outdoors--
running and riding and scooting
with even a lesson or two for our smallest :)

With a handful of crackers to pass all around...
there was no need to go in for quite a good time :)

And these little green boots... oh, how I'll miss them when he grows.
They made their regular appearance each and every day,
because my gunslinger's very favorite footwear...
the shoes he chooses most every single time==
his frog boots-- there's just no compare!

Oh, how I love these days... this time with my crew.
To play and laugh and dance and sing.
To whistle and read and run and build.
To dream and explore and imagine and create.
To snuggle and cherish and savor and save...
precious moments...
precious memories...
God's most wonderful gifts.


Christine said...

I've been following your blog for a little while. I found you through Ann Voskamp's site. I've been drawn to you because of your beautiful, telling photos, and your similar place in life as me with homeschooling. I was thrilled when you posted about your studies of Jefferson and the Lewis and Clark Expedition because it was the week before we were about to begin. I suspected you used Tapestry (like us!) but today you have confirmed it! Thanks for your honesty and always bringing the attention and glory to God--no matter what kind of day you walk through. Keep up the amazing work and God bless you all. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Carrie said...

Heather ... another GREAT post!!! Your writing inspires me to snuggle my kids more! Sally Clarkson has that affect on me, too - are you familiar with her motherhood books? I think you'd like them.

Thanks to your posts, my Amazon Wish List continues to grow!

Hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving, My Friend!!

Katie said...

You make me want to homeschool and I don't even have kids. LOL. What a blessing to get to invest so much time and love with your kiddos. They look like they love it.

I can only imagine me trying to homeschool one day... It looks something like chaos on top of chaos. You know, more tantrums than lessos learned... how do you get your kids so angel-like?! I'm amazed every time I read your blog!

Anonymous said...

Will it be safe to walk in the front door tonight or will the masked man and his gun slinging sidekick get us? Send Lollipop out first. I'm sure she'll protect us. See you later, love to all.

Anonymous said...

Will it be safe to walk in the front door tonight or will the masked man and his gun slinging sidekick get us? Send Lollipop out first. I'm sure she'll protect us. See you later, love to all.